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The History of Hybrid Capital Group

Hybrid Capital Group originally began as an independent credit bureau consulting firm with the Chilton Credit Bureau (now Experian/Equifax/TransUnion). We have since grown into one of the most reputable mortgage companies in New England, leveraging our extensive network of investors/bankers and our superior knowledge of the local mortgage financing market. We are properly staffed with highly qualified underwriters, which is the backbone of every mortgage company. We have had a superior track record for over 20 years.

We specialize in private financing, which can be defined as short-term financing funded by individual investors, as opposed to using a traditional bank. Loan amounts can range from as little as $25,000 to as much as $2,000,000. This short-term mortgage market (4 month - 1 year loans) targets time sensitive situations that require immediate funding (1-2 week closings). Hybrid Capital Group focuses on borrowers who have well-defined exit strategies to repay the loan at or prior to maturity. Our greater specialty is setting up the refinance of our short-term loans into longer term loans for these borrowers. This pre-determined refinance exit strategy allows for most loans to get quickly refinanced through our existing network of private lenders and banks, which pays off our short-term loans.


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